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The Blair VIP Plus program is a complete scam. I have been charged twice on my card for a charge of $14.95 for the VIP Plus program that promised to provide exclusive deals and discounts for people who sign up for VIP Plus.

No separate discounts are provided and I am being charged for this amount regularly whether i shop or not.

This is a complete scam to take away your money from Blair.com. Have requested Blair.com customer service to *** the charges from the account and refund them as well as stop the VIP Plus scam service, however there is no response from Blair.com team.

Monetary Loss: $29.

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Henderson, Nevada, United States #1324030

This is ANOTHER scam used on consumers. I did not even know that I was in this "SOCALLED PROGRAM" until a saw the $14.97 charge on my credit card statement.

When I ordered some merchandise from BLAIR over the internet I must have checked by mistake some box which enrolled me in this scam.

There should be a law against this or at least the requirement for the company "BLAIR" to send you a NOTIFICATION via e-mail that you have enrolled in this SCAM and allow 48 hours to cancel.

Karl L. Reitter


New York, New York, United States #1303465

I just got scammed by Blair/Haband too. Checked my credit card and found that I have been billed for three months each for $14.97.

Ordered in December and did not even know that they put me in the VIP Plus program. Its a complete scam.

I cancelled the VIP Plus but will not give me back my money. Pissed Off!


I think it would be nice if one knew they were signing up for the VIP Plus and not find it charged on their credit card statement. At first I thought the charge was for something I ordered and didn't remember ordering, but when I saw it today for the second time, I knew what it was.

I had this happen at another mail order store.


Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States #1207529

That is because you have to call the vip plus market place to cancel no email Blair customer service. Vip is not a scam it can actually save you lots of money if you read the info on how to get money back.

to Anonymous Lady Lake, Florida, United States #1254021


to Anonymous New York, New York, United States #1303467

I understand what you say but in no way should someone be signed up without their knowledge! You find out when its too late.

to Anonymous #1566599

That's incorrect IF you never wanted to join.

Winfield, Alabama, United States #1197110

They won't respond to anything. I have had several complaints before and nothing happened. I am finished with the thrives!

Canon City, Colorado, United States #1196159

I also have been charged $14.97 twice. I guess I agreed to this scam, however two calls to very sarcastic CRS's never resolved my questions.

I have placed maybe 3 orders with Blair over the last 10 years, so no way would have a $2.40 discount make up for their very expensive shipping charge.

I have placed my last order with this company. Beware of agreeing to accept "shipping rebates on future orders"


it just cost $35.00 to cancel this Blair VIP what a joke !!


Good Luck on submitting a shipping rebate form. The site they give you to apply does not exist. I am no longer a Blair VIPPlus.

Not worth it.

to Anonymous Erie, Pennsylvania, United States #1123148

submitting a shipping rebate you DO NOT do on a certain website!! there are things you have to do, like take a slip from the packet that came and mail it with your rebate!!!

that's why they send a packet for you to read over CAREULLY! if u don't understand, just call the number inside packet. I sent out my Christmas receipts, and the money I spent at different stores that are in the program, and to my surprise about a month and a half later I got 11 $10 gigt cards in the mail that I can spend at any of their stores like blair and appleseeds.

it does exist, MANY people use it. just got to read your packet, and it tells you step by step what to do!!


I just got an order that was supposed to have free shipping but I was charged $10.99 on my credit card. After going around in circles with their voice menu, I finally talked to a "customer service" person who said I would get a refund "within 24 to 48 hours.


Brat #2

Dear Buppy from Warren, PA I have been charged $14.95 since I joined I hadn't gone on line or looked into my account until recently. I get the 5% plus all other stuff promised but I wasn't suppose to be charged twice a month Have yo looked at your account on lin lately??


Yes i also have been charge $14.95 twice amonth and it should only come out once a month. How do I get my monies back?


This VIP Plus is not being honest on how they sign people up for this program.

Warren, Pennsylvania, United States #922900

You obviously did not look into this program very well. I belong myself and it's a wonderful opportunity to save lots of money.

You get 5% back in the form of $10 gift cards that can be used for purchases from all Orchard Brands companies. Plus up to $10 back in your savings center for shipping and/or return shipping. There are about 1700 retailers in the market place. I have been a member for 2 years now and have accumulated almost $800 in gift cards.

It is a program well worth joining.

I spend about $400 a month at Walmart which would be two $10 gift cards which more than pays for the $14.97 monthly fee. I average about four gift cards per month.

to Buppy #986345

i got 10 dollars back off my walmart n so far it has been good if not i will make them take that *** off

Harrisonburg, Virginia, United States #909735

This same thing happened to me! In going over my credit card statement, I saw this $14.95 amount and called - they said I had signed up for it when I ordered - I never ordered anything. WATCH your credit card statements!

to Vi Portland, Oregon, United States #1150474

Total scam.

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